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The 2017 Christmas Crisps Round Up

Yeah, this blog post is exactly what you think it is. I spent the entirety of November wandering up and down supermarket snack aisles looking for limited edition festive crisps. I know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right, food blogging is a tough gig. But some brave soul’s gotta take one for the team and put on a few extra pounds to find you lot the best of the best.

I really did have to kiss a few frogs to find out what the decent offerings were this year. Not included but tasted earlier on as they were purchased by a colleague are prosecco crisps. This is a trend that needs to die a death before it spreads any further. They are vile. They taste – and I do not say this lightly – like vomit. They’re available in a few supermarkets but the ones I tried were from co-op. Honestly though, avoid like the plague. Trust me.

I wasn’t sure how to rank each of the crisps I tried so I haven’t made any attempt to put them in order. Instead, I’ve marked them each out of ten and just written this as I go along, in the order I tried them. I hope this post is helpful to you when choosing the treats you stock up on for the Christmas period of shameless gluttony.

Cheese Board Crisps, co-op



These are OK. They aren’t offensive or off tasting, there just isn’t anything particularly special about them. They’re not offering much in the way of festive flavours either, really. They’re just mildly cheesy crisps. Wouldn’t excitedly recommend.

Maple Bacon Pretzels, Sainsbury’s



OK so not technically crisps, but I have included them in this round up because you need to know about them. They are a gift from god. The perfect (and I mean perfect) balance of salty and sweet. We absolutely demolished these in the cinema (don’t tell ODEON cause I’m like 99.9% sure that’s not allowed) and I have full confidence that I’ll buy another bag before the holiday season is over.

Irresistible Posh Prawn Cocktail Crisps, co-op


I don’t know about you, but what I look for in a prawn cocktail crisp is salt, sugar and mystery pink flavour. I’m not actually hoping to get a hint of prawn, you know? While these crisps may be delicious to some, they’re a little too authentically prawn cocktaily for me. Hints of fishiness and lemon, and not a generous coating of them either.

Pulled Pork and Wild Flower Honey Crisps, Lidl



These are so so weak! We had such high hopes for the Lidl flavours, some of their crisps were really out there and it looked like they were doing something a bit different. Unfortunately, the actual flavour once we opened up this particular packet did not deliver even a little bit. They’re very faint and it’s all honey, no pork.

Salted Caramel Festive Pretzels, Sainsbury’s


They’re good, but they’re not a patch on the maple bacon flavour, so if you wanna go in the pretzel direction this season, go for the gold. A little too much sweet and not enough salt here for my liking.

Bloody Mary Hand Cooked Red Crisps, M&S



Tom wasn’t a huge fan of these but I was mad for them. I’m giving a 10/10 here because the flavour legit delivers. These crisps taste like tomatoes and vodka, so they’re gonna be a really acquired taste, but if you’re a bloody mary person then they should do you just fine. I adore them, and I love that they’re so original. Top marks.

Gin & Juniper Roast Pork Crisps, Lidl



Another let down from a flavour that we thought was gonna be promising. Honestly, if you were blind testing me, I would have said these were cheese and onion. If you search really hard you can sort of find roast pork, and the only hint of gin is a slightly vomitty first impression as you bite down. Not impressed.

Pigs in Blanket Crisps, M&S



Another success from M&S. Everyone is doing pigs in blanket flavours this year, but as far as I can tell M&S are the only ones offering a mixture of handcooked crisps and light pork scratchings. The flavour of the crisps is strong and pleasant, and the mix of textures that the scratchings provide makes for a special eating experience that is totally appropriate for Christmas.

Turkey and Stuffing Crisps, ASDA



Nothing new or daring but a simple flavour done really well – and plenty of said done well flavour. There’s nothing more disappointing than a crisp with just a whisper of a flavour, these aren’t guilty of that.

Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Tortilla Rolls, M&S



You may have noticed that everything I tried from M&S was a 10/10. I didn’t give any of these scores lightly, they were all absolutely banging. If I was to give one hot tip for Christmas snacks this year, it would be to just make a beeline for Marks and Sparks and go crazy. These are next level. Salty tortilla chips dusted with cinammon, dipped in chocolate. I ate almost an entire bag in the cinema and was very sick afterwards but it was absolutely worth it.

Pigs in Blanket Pringles



Honestly, these are average as hell. They don’t taste bad, they’re just not delicious. And if I’m gonna eat pringles they’re gonna need to be delicious.

Crinkle Cut Brie and Cranberry Crisps, Tesco



A good, strong taste of cheese but not a hint of cranberry. Definitely recommend these for cheesy crisp lovers but if you’re hoping for an element of fruity sweetness too you’ll be disappointed.

There concludes my Christmas expedition. There are two absences here to note. The first is my beloved ALDI, they don’t appear to be stocking any festive crisps this year (heartbroken). The second is the Tesco candy cane crisps. Combined me and Tom went in about four different branches to search from them but no luck. If you tried them please let me know what you thought!

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  1. Those pork crunchers in the m&s ones sound dreamy AF. Shocked that the Lidl ones aren’t as nice as they look!!

  2. Rebecca Nicholass says

    I loved the Bloody Mary ones from M&S too, I thought they were lovely, need to get my mitts on the pigs in blanket one from them too. I also really like the sound of the Pretzels. Yum!

    I had the prosecco crisps last year and they are so odd, definitely not ones I would want to get again.

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