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#CITKPodcast Episode One: Christmas in Sweden

Well, hasn’t this been a long time coming? If you follow any of my social media channels, you’ll be well aware that I’ve been working on a brand new food podcast since November.

My aim has been to learn, and boy have I learned. I’m so interested in how other people live their lives, and food is a fantastic marker of our differences.

In series one I’ve focused solely on interviewing my friends and family so as to gently ease myself in to podcasting. What this did was create a cosy, relaxed and familiar environment that I hope will be as much of a pleasure to listen to as it was to be in.

I didn’t expect to learn so much from people that I knew so well already. It’s been such a fantastic experience for me. If you share my fascination for other humans, I think you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

I hope you’ll forgive the less-than-perfect recording conditions early on. I knock the mic a few times and you can hear the fridge humming in the background. These are all issues that I’ve since teased out with new recording habits, but I was only just beginning to learn back when we captured this episode.


In our first episode I introduce the beautiful Rebecka, my darling Swedish friend who very kindly came over to tell me all about Christmas traditions in her country. You can listen by clicking the ‘play’ button below.



Just before I go, I want to say an enormous thank you to my Dad, who has been on hand throughout the entire creation process from all the way up in Scotland to guide me as a better recording artist through his sound engineering skills.

He also recorded guitar for opening and closing whimsy, and has finessed each episode to perfection. Thank you Dad, I’m fairly sure I would have given up after a few weeks if it weren’t for your help and guidance.

Please please tell me what you think!! Use the hashtag #CITKPodcast on Twitter or drop me a line on any of the social medias.

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  1. KELLY says

    I loved this! Congratulations on Ep.1! ‘Twas the perfect listen whilst wrapping a couple of festive gifts tonight. Looking forward to more. Great that it is full of personality and laid back chatter. You know I’m a Spilled Milk fan and yours will definitely be on my subscribe list too. Bravo xx

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  3. Carina J Gonzalez-Brown says

    Fabulous Cate! Very easy to listen to and learnt a lot about Swedish Christmas! Super interesting and cute x x

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