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The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

This post is sponsored by HelloFresh

The Big Roast is quite the undertaking. If you wanna go all out, there’s a lot of work to do. However, so long as you get the right amount of preparation done beforehand and guilt trip enough layabout family members into giving you a hand, it’s manageable without too much panicking.

It’s really all about strategy. What you need is a good game plan. My friends at HelloFresh happen to have one of these lying around, which is what I’ve interrupted your day for.


The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide is a free download that will help you get organised for the big day. It’s got everything you need to make sure nothing goes tits up – and even provides a visual timeline so that you know what needs to happen when, step by step.

Basically, this is the sort of clever thing that I would have done for you ages ago if I had the organisation, forward thinking or design skills to do so – so I’m elated that it’s landed on my doorstep for me to share with you. You can go get it by clicking here.


That’s it, that’s all I had to say today! Except: have you heard my new podcast? It has now been officially launched! Episode one went live yesterday and is all about Christmas in Sweden. You can listen to it on the web player here or subscribe on iTunes.

OK now that’s really everything and you can go back to your Wednesday.

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    • I actually really love it because it means everyone treats me like a Queen and I don’t have to do dishes over the duration of the Christmas period!

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