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My Most Popular Recipes of 2017

Yeah, that’s right, my first blog post in a couple of weeks after spending all my time in the pub and dedicating myself to 0% productivity and what do I bounce back with? Recycled content.

I’ve got lots of original stuff coming your way over the next few weeks, but I did want to take a moment to capture what worked really well on Cate in the Kitchen this year – even if just to remind myself what it is that you lot really want.

That’s what I want this space to be about in 2018. Sharing recipes that interest you, that you’re gonna take one look at and say “that looks cheap and doable and I’m gonna make it on Wednesday after work”.

I don’t want my recipes to be aspirational or overly food porny, I want them to be what you work in to your day to day life. This year I’m gonna infiltrate your kitchens more than ever before. That said, what did people seem to love most this year?

1 – Marmite Roast Potatoes

Marmite Roast Potatoes

Get the recipe here

These kind of went viral. Brain child of my old friend Rhiannon, marmite roasties are the perfect way to add something special to your Sunday roast. A drizzle of marmite adds a gorgeous extra level of savouriness that perfectly complements nut roasts, chicken and beef alike.

2 – Peanut Butter and Coconut Curry Sauce


Get the recipe here

This is, hands down, my boyfriend’s favourite dinner. Peanut butter coconut curry sauce with rice or noodles, with chicken or tofu. However I choose to serve it, he’s delighted. It’s also the recipe that’s been made most by you this year – or, at least, the recipe that the most people have sent me their own pictures of. It’s a true weeknight staple, which is definitely something I want to be posting more of next year.

3 – Vegan Carrot Cake Porridge

Vegan Carrot Cake Porridge

Get the recipe here

I think this one just really struck a chord with everyone right at the beginning of autumn. A big, comforting bowl of basically dessert at breakfast time.

4 – Vegan Christmas Sandwich


Get the recipe here

Creatively, this is the recipe I’m most proud of this year. A totally plant based but absolutely filthy Christmas sandwich. It’s got cranberry tofu, stuffing, gravy soaked bread, the works. I’m glad it turned out to be one of the most popular posts of 2017.

5 – Marmite Chocolate Crisps

Marmite Dark Chocolate Dipped Crisps

Get the recipe here

It’s entirely possible that I made these just to be controversial, but they were delicious all the same. This just scraping into one of the top spots mean that marmite has been an integral part of my blog this year, I suppose I should keep thinking of new ways to use it into the new year..

There we go, those are the highlights of my year according to my stats page. Anything you particularly liked that you didn’t see here? Anything you’d love to see in the new year? Hit me up in the comments!

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