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New Years Resolutions for 2018

FYI: This post is filled with pictures of all of my favourite memories and people from 2017. Many of them are unrelated to what’s going on in the text, I just wanted to litter it with good vibes to look back on. It’s been another great year. 

This year is rare in that I suddenly have a lot of goals that I want to carry with me into the next one. I’m not usually one for specific aspirations or mirror messages and mood boards. I like to just get through the day unscathed, you know?

However, I’ve gotten my arse into gear in a lot of ways this year. I finally moved back out of my Mum’s place and into a gorgeous flat with Tom. I’m posting on this blog consistently three times a week and treating it like the second job it is. I started volunteering with older people and I’m about to start volunteering with kids, too. I started a podcast.


I’m suddenly living what actually is beginning to feel like a full life. Which appears to have made me far more goal oriented, and while that’s something I’ll admit I used to gently mock, it’s not something I’m going to ignore now it’s come around for me.

I have lots of broad goals. I want to read more, for example. I’ve downloaded Goodreads and I’m making a special effort to include more non fiction in my to be read pile. I want to write more, too. I was bought a gratitude journal for Christmas that I intend to keep up, bought myself a 5 year Q&A journal and I’d love to start writing away from the blog for an hour each morning too.

Living consciously is increasingly more important to me too. Recycling coffee pods (I found a place at The Open Market where we can hand in our Tassimos), never ever buying single use plastic bottles, just generally waking up to where I can be making change and perhaps promoting change to make things a bit better for the planet.


However, these bigger picture goals are things that I’m already beginning to implement, and I find it’s nice to go into the year with five specific resolutions that you can check back in on. Here are mine:

1 – Travel to three countries

This year we did Dieppe (France) in February for our birthdays, Hamburg (Germany) in June for our Summer holiday and Copenhagen (Denmark) in December for our Christmas present to one another. I want to match the number of destinations we managed this year.

We go for just three days at a time to keep costs down and I hope it’ll continue to be a wonderful way for us to see as much of Europe as we can before Brexit kicks in and we need visas. I’ve no specific destinations in mind, but I’d love to go to Spain next year (purely because you can eat like a King there without bankrupting yourself).


2 – Go the cinema 52 times

We bought our ODEON Limitless (not sponsored, other cinema passes are available) cards this time last year. When we first became members, we went to the cinema at least twice a week. Since we moved in together, we don’t go nearly so often. I think it’s because the cinema used to be a way to spend time together, and now that we spend all of our time together the incentive to get out of the house isn’t quite as strong.

However, for those first few months when we were seeing every single title that was released, I felt like such a movie buff and I loved it – so more frequent visits will be a thing in 2018. I also want to make time to see movies alone, because the solitary cinematic experience is one I’ve come to love, too.

3  – Be better at little housework tasks

Cleaning mirrors, dusting bookshelves, reorganising drawers. These are the little ten minute jobs that I tend to ignore until I’ve ignored them for too long and they loom larger and more time consuming for being left. 2018 will be the year I see that something needs doing and just do it. I hope.


4 – Unsubscribe

I am sick to death of being added to mailing lists without my consent and spending at least ten minutes a day deleting unwanted correspondence from my inbox. Early in January I will engage in a subscription cull until my inbox is back under my control – and do everything I can to keep it that way.

5 – Eat good chocolate

I know that for a lot of people, a NYR is to stop eating chocolate. I want to eat more. More of the good stuff. More Hotel Chocolat, more Montezuma’s, more luxurious truffles and pricey pralines. I want to always have good chocolate in the house, and slowly phase out shit desserts.


That’s it from me for this year! I hope you all have a wonderful time saying goodbye to 2017 and welcoming in the new year. I’ll see you in January for plenty of Veganuary content, podcast episodes and hilarious tweets.

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  1. Love love love this post ❤ Hope you have a wonderful 2018 Cate. Please send me your new address so I can send you snail mail x

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