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#CITKPodcast Episode Five: A Weekend in Copenhagen

Reference Points from the Show:


I’m not in any way affiliated with airbnb, however, if you’re yet to sign up and want to sign up with travel credit you can use this link and I’ll get a cheeky bit of credit too.

This was the gorgeous apartment that we stayed in in Rødovre:

Cate in the Kitchen Podcast A Weekend in Copenhagen

As we discuss on the podcast, I can’t recommend staying just outside of a big city enough. It gives you a wonderful snapshot of local life and you get to see so much more than what you can find on your average postcard.

Cate in the Kitchen Podcast A Weekend in Copenhagen

The train station closest to our apartment that we mention a few times is Vanløse, a main station with the S-train and the Metro running through it.


This is how we decided where we were going throughout 2017. Kayak Explore shows you a map of Europe (or the world, depending on where you set your price range) with little markers of how much a return flight will be on the dates you put in. It’s an awesome resource and if you haven’t had a look before, it’s definitely worth checking out.


This is where to get that iconic colourful houses selfie. The place we’re talking about when we joke about the crowds of people getting the colourful houses selfie.

Cate in the Kitchen Podcast A Weekend in Copenhagen

The Forgotten Giants

The Six Forgotten Giants of Copenhagen

I wrote a whoooooole post about these because I loved them SO MUCH, you can find that here.

Thank you so much for listening!

Cate in the Kitchen Podcast A Weekend in Copenhagen

As I mention at the end of the show, please do get in touch and tell me what kind of thing you’d like to hear us cover after our future holidays – I want this to be an actual helpful resource to you in the future!

Tweet along with the podcast on #CITKPodcast and, as always, you can find me @catekitchen.

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