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What Do Vegans Eat? | Veganuary Food Diary Week 2

It hasn’t been a full week since my last food diary but I figured I’d just get these out as and when. Who needs structure and routine, right?

I’ll level with you, this has been a less than impressive week. I cheated one night and just ordered a pizza because I couldn’t cope with that cooking-from-scratch life all of a sudden. I’ve eaten nowhere near enough vegetables. I drank too much and ate a lot of beige food.

But that’s cool, that’s why I’m recording a food diary. So that I can show you the legit ups and downs and ins and outs of navigating food as a temporary vegan. I’ve been really busy this week, and I think that’s reflected in my diet.

I didn’t make good on my promise to myself that I’d eat more pulses, but there’s always next week. I’m not feeling super protein deficient, but I should probably address that before it becomes an actual problem.


Veganuary Food Diary Stewed Plums


I had a fridge full of odds and ends that absolutely had to be eaten or they were going to be past their best. I began the using up crusade with 1 mashed parsnip with a tsp of homemade cranberry sauce mixed in, plus sprouts with mustard and cream. Not something I’d serve to a guest, but it wasn’t half bad.


Vegan Sarciado, which is: crispy tofu, tomato sauce and rice.

Dessert: stewed plums with a baked oat and nut topping and alpro single cream.


Great Food sweet potato burgers, garlic bread (from the freezer at ALDI), a salad made with carrots, radishes, celery and beetroot, and a dollop of houmous and sweet chilli sauce.



Leftover salad from last night plus a few tablespoons of quinoa


Linguine with sprouts and vegan cream cheese (I used the Sainsbury’s Garlic and Herb)


A shit takeaway pizza from my favourite shit takeaway. I’d had four hours sleep and I cheated because I couldn’t face cooking from scratch and I wanted two pizzas for a tenner. I didn’t stress about it too much and got straight back on the horse. It’s all cool.


Veganuary Food Diary Custard Donuts


Two bread rolls from the co-op bakery section, about half a pot of hummus and two custard donuts.


One custard donut.

*my best friend was in town very briefly so a lot of booze was consumed in between these two meals*


Three hash browns, three slices of garlic bread, half a can of baked beans. (This was me trying to ensure that I wouldn’t still be drunk when my 4.20am alarm went off, it totally worked. Thanks, beige food).


Veganuary Food Diary Thai Green Curry


The remaining two custard donuts from the 5 pack I bought yesterday.


Leek and potato soup lovingly prepared by my Nan plus a slice of toast with olive spread.


Thai green curry with green beans, crispy tofu and rice noodles. Was very pleased with this until I realised that thai green curry paste contains fish sauce. So, an accidental cheat. Upsie.


Lots of Oreos


What Vegans Eat Veggie Burger


ALDI sweet potato pakoras with sweet chilli sauce and houmous.


Veggie beet burgers (made with GOODMINZ, more on that soon!), fillings were: cream cheese, sweet chilli sauce, baby salad leaves and tomato.


Stir fried broccoli and tofu with broccoli stalk and garlic fried rice. The fried rice was a freakin’ dream, I’m going to post the recipe next week.


This has been the easiest year yet for me, and I’m heavily considering sticking to veganism on weekdays or something similar. There are a few swaps that I’ll absolutely be making permanent (I’ll put those in a separate post for you to have a ganders at) and I’m feeling really good.

I haven’t actually put any real thought into any of my meals this week, they’ve all been relatively spontaneous. Next week, I’d like to make vegan queso (the kind that’s made with a carrot and a potato), maybe do some vegan baking.. but I’ve got another mad week, so we’ll see!

I’ve spent a lot less money than I usually would on food. Keeping my shopping to just veg, houmous, tofu, carbs is really doing wonders for the bank balance.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about being protein deficient, there’s protein in most things. Unless you’re malnourished, you’re unlikely to be deficient in protein. That being said, pulses are pretty great, more of them is always a good idea 🙂

  2. The stewed plums looks absolutely delicious!! Love how someone else is enjoying the coop doughnuts rather a lot too!! And the burger looks incredible look forward to seeing more!!

  3. Instead of Veganuary, Adam and I are limited all of our food purchasing to just £20 per week during January. We have so much freezer food and stuff in the cupboards that it’s been good to use a lot of it up, become more inventive with meals and just have to live off what’s already there. £20 has actually bought us a fair old amount really, and so far we’ve been under both weeks! Alice xxx

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