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#CITKPodcast Episode Six: The Whole Vegan Thing

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This week, we’re joined by Georgia, real life vegan, to cover some of the most heatedly debated topics surrounding the diet. I wanted to get together with a good friend of mine so as to discuss these things in as rational a way as possible.

You’ll probably find in this discussion that I’m more bias towards veganism than I am towards meat eating, and that’s because I kind of am, for many reasons.

I tried to keep it balanced by producing the odd counterpoint but I’ve not yet reached the balance mastery of the BBC, so I apologise if you feel I wasn’t quite putting across the argument for eating animal protein – I sometimes feel like there isn’t as much of one, really.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode. If there are areas of veganism that you don’t hear us discuss, that you want to hear discussed, just give me a shout on #CITKPodcast on Twitter – if there are enough things we missed, I’ll rope Georgia in for a second episode!


Cate in the Kitchen Podcast Vegan Episode


  1. alice says

    Great episode. Can i ask where you got your tofu press from? And do you have any recipes recommendations using nutritional yeast?

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