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#CITKPodcast Episode Eight: Up Beet Food Co, Vegan Pop Up Dining

This week we’re joined by Jenna, local vegan pop up chef and caterer, to talk about the ins and outs of running a supper club and how she got started.

You can find Jenna in the following places (and I recommend you do, because she’s got some very interesting stuff going on)

As is so often the case, Jenna forgot to mention about half of her chef CV when we were chatting during the interview, she’s since sent over a bit of an update so for the record:

“I did some casual work for a brilliant woman called Emily, who runs London-based Ruperts Street Food. I spent time working at festivals and weddings for her, where I picked up tips, asked lots of questions and learnt that I wasn’t the only caterer who operates with a tiny kitchen! I also spent about 9 months volunteering at a great local charity called the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project. They have being going for over 30 years. As well as running free workshops for local unemployed people, they also have a vegan kitchen that serves cheap lunches every day. I was one of two volunteer chefs who daily churned out meals for about 35 people. Some of the food was donated by Fareshare, who intercept food waste. It was basically ready steady cook but on a bigger scale! It taught me a lot about scaling up as well as giving me the chance to push my creativity in the kitchen.”

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode, it was a pleasure to record and so interesting for me to learn about the supper club/pop up process. Remember you can join in the conversation on Twitter with #CITKPodcast, and if you want to listen in any of your favourite podcast apps, just search for ‘Cate in the Kitchen’.

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