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#CITKPodcast Episode Nine: The Community Kitchen

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I know I always say that this week’s episode is the one I’m really excited about but friends, this is the one.

When I kicked off CITK Podcast, I wanted to slowly build up to something that was bringing food and community vibes together. There are so many people doing amazing things in Brighton, and I wanted to bring them to light for my local listeners and those further afield.

This week, I chat to Jess from the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership who are currently crowdfunding for The Community Kitchen. In the words of Jess herself: a cooking school for literally everyone.

Paid classes with super experienced chefs will be available at a price, profits from those classes then trickle down to finance cooking classes for those that might not be able to afford them. Fucking awesome.

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership Community Kitchen

How can you help?

First off, you can donate to the Community Kitchen crowdfunder. Anything you can afford, chuck it their way, every little helps.

No money? No problem. There are other ways you can help.

Listen to the podcast episode so you can get all the deets in your brain and share them with your friends and family. Spread the word, I know this is going to strike inspiration in everyone that hears it.

Make sure you keep an eye on the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership on their website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

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