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The Power of 10 Minutes

I’ve got a little something I want to share with you. It’s a teenie tiny life hack that has made a huge difference to my flat. It hasn’t solved everything, but it’s taking me closer to the ‘I-have-my-shit-at-least-semi-together’ ideal.

When I was making my new years resolutions for 2018, becoming better at doing little jobs around the house featured heavily:

“Cleaning mirrors, dusting bookshelves, reorganising drawers. These are the little ten minute jobs that I tend to ignore until I’ve ignored them for too long and they loom larger and more time consuming for being left. 2018 will be the year I see that something needs doing and just do it. I hope.”

And guys, I’ve only gone and bloody succeeded. Ten minute jobs? Completed them mate. All of them. As and when they happen. I’ve just started.. well.. doing it.

The Power of 10 Minutes

‘Just do it’ – far from revolutionary, I know, but it’s taken me from domestic disaster to almost normal adult human being in a very short space of time. Here’s how it goes down:

I see something around the house that niggles at me a little bit. We’re not talking the shit you already have to do every day anyway like the hoovering; the laundry; the dishes..

Nope, we’re talking sorting out that random pile of nonsense in the corner of the living room that’s building up; putting all your payslips in a sensible place so that come tax season you don’t lose your mind and turn the house upside down; reshuffling your bookshelf in a way that’s more aesthetically pleasing to you.

All of these things are small and register in your brain as you walk around your living space, and I’ve discovered that they were actually having more of a negative impact than I was realising. Turns out, since I stopped ignoring the niggles, sucking it up and spending ten minutes on them, I’m a lot happier at home. No, seriously.

The new rule is: I set a ten minute timer and I deal with it. It’s how I turned my open shelves from convenient but cluttered kitchen feature to the prettiest little bit of space in the room.

Breaking big things like ‘I feel like it doesn’t look perfect and Pinteresty in here’ into little things like ‘hey, I should dust the TV corner and put the playstation games back into their cases’ makes life more manageable.

The Power of 10 Minutes

This could be something that was completely plain to you already and you’re staring at your screen like “seriously, Cate? You just learned to do this?” but we’re all at where we’re at, and this is where I’m at.

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