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The Booze Subscription Boxes Worth Knowing About This Year

It’s 2018. Subscription boxes are a thing – nay, the thing. Think of something, anything, and you can bet a start up will have created it in a deliverable format for your convenience.

I get beauty surprises delivered to me monthly thanks to Glossybox to satisfy the part of me that craves novelty treats, and blades delivered to me bi-monthly from Friction Free Shaving to take the ballache out of remembering to replace them.

A concept that is new to me, however, is getting booze delivered to my door. I’ve always been more of a grab-and-gulp girl than a plan-and-pour one. If I know I’ve got a fancy dinner on the cards, I’ll buy a bottle of wine. If I know I’ve got a night out planned, I make a beeline for the Aldi spirits aisle for their holy grail gin.

Having trialled Clara Wine for the past few months, I can totally see the benefits of having bottles arrive monthly. Let’s dive into it.

Clara Wine Subscription Box Review

What’s the deal?

Clara are a UK based wine subscription service, offering monthly wine selections based on a taste profile you provide them with. You answer a few questions online that will inform the bottles they send your way. Each bottle comes with it’s own little infocard that provides tasting notes which make drinking each wine so much more fun.

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are £48 a month and three bottles are delivered for that price. Personally, that prices me way out. Averaging at £16 a bottle, it’s not a luxury I’d be able to afford myself at the moment.

Fair, but what’s the wine like?

Gorgeous. I trialled the service for three months and I presume it’s a testament to their taste profile and the quality of producers they work with that I adored every single bottle. I can’t speak highly enough of the wine that’s come through my door over the past few months. I’ll miss it!

Clara Wine Review

So would I recommend it?

It’s a difficult one. On quality of product alone, absolutely I would. The best wine I’ve ever tried in my life has been poured in my kitchen over the past few months. But at £16 a bottle, you’d kind of hope it would be, right? I think I’d leave this one at a solid ‘it depends’ – if you’ve got £48 a month to throw at this, I don’t think you’d regret it.

Clara Wine Subscription Box Review

What else is out there?

If you’re not a wine person, there are a whole host of other options knocking about on the internet. Check out Crafty Nectar for premium ciders, Craft Gin Club for gin or Honest Brew for craft beer.

Crafty Nectar Review

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  1. Totally agree with you on this one, they’re priced possibly out of the mid twenties budget, but are very much enjoyed nonetheless! I would love to receive monthly subscription boxes as getting post of any kind that aren’t bank statements and bills is brilliant, but maybe they;re more of a luxury once you’ve doubled your salary…!! 😉 Alice xxx

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