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Vegetarian Cooking Broth for Dumplings

All the most delicious dumpling and noodle broths call for animal fat or fish seasoning of some kind to boost their flavour. In my current state as a midweek vegetarian – and cooking for a boy who requires a stab to the thigh with an epi pen at even the mention of a prawn –  neither were options.

However, I happened upon frozen Itsu Vegetable Gyoza in the ready meal freezer at ASDA yesterday, so desperately wanted to knock something up to serve them in, and this was more than sufficient.

Makes enough for 1 300g pack frozen dumplings

1.5 litres vegetable stock (I used bouillon powder)
1 red chilli
1 large chunk ginger
3-5 cloves garlic
soy sauce
pinch sugar

  1. Chop chilli finely, grate ginger and garlic coarsely.
  2. Heat 1-2 tbsps oil in a pan (the more neutral the better aka sunflower or groundnut, but if you’ve only got olive it’s not the end of the world) and cook the chilli, garlic and ginger until beginning to brown.
  3. Pour in stock, add soy sauce (to taste) and sugar.
  4. If you’ve got anything else knocking about in your store cupboard that you think it might like, chuck it in – I added a glug of chilli oil and some sweeter, stickier dipping sauce (provided in the dumplings packet) to give it some extra depth.
  5. Leave to simmer for at least half an hour to let the flavours develop, then add the frozen dumplings and cook according to pack instructions (the ones I was using were to be boiled for 3 minutes).
  6. Serve.

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