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Honey Oregano Halloumi + Courgette

While the summer may have packed itself up and left us for dead a little early this year, the same cannot be said for the courgette glut. With no access to a garden or allotment of my own, my source for this knowledge is the generous portion I seem to keep finding in my veg box delivery each week.

It’s long been known that I’m not a courgette person. One of my most popular recipes to date – and one of the only ways I can truly enjoy them – is courgette brownies. However, throwing something into a brownie batter and baking it could only ever result in deliciousness. It’s cheating. It’s time for me to grow up and learn to love courgettes as the dinner-destined vegetable they are.

I’ve been drizzling halloumi with honey and oregano for as long as I’ve been cooking, ever since seeing it on the internet somewhere (the only reason I ever do anything). I happened to have too many courgettes in the fridge and presumed no harm could come from adding them to the mix and here we are, a new firm favourite has been born.

1 tbsp cooking oil
1 pack/block halloumi
2-3 small/medium courgettes
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp oregano (to taste)

1 – Slice the halloumi into fingers and the courgettes into crescents.

2 – Heat the oil in a non stick frying pan, and add the halloumi and courgettes at the same time.

3 – Cook until golden brown, moving around all the time to ensure it doesn’t catch or burn – once halloumi burns, it burns to a crisp real quick.

4 – Right before you turn off the heat, at the honey and oregano and stir until coated and glazed.

I served mine with a mustard potato salad (boiled potatoes, green beans, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, garlic salt and pepper), it would be great with cous cous too, I think.

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