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Savoy Cabbage, Bacon + White Bean Soup with Apple and Mustard

I’m currently recovering from a cheeky little dose of Coronavirus. This soup was something I made myself somewhere in the early stages of death and promised to make again when I was well enough to write it down and here I am, temperature returned to normal and energy levels slowly regenerating, delivering on my word.

You’ll notice that it’s a lesser spotted not-vegetarian recipe. I was sick and I wanted to eat bacon. Moments such as these are the very reason I never actually call myself a vegetarian.

If you have beer and you’re so inclined, add half a can at the same time as the stock. I haven’t included it in the recipe cause I didn’t happen to have any in when I was actually writing down measurements but I did last time I made it and 10/10 would go again.

3-4 servings

1/2 a head savoy cabbage, shredded
1 onion, chopped finely
1 apple, sliced
6 rashers streaky smoked bacon, sliced
1 tsp dijon mustard
1.2L chicken stock
1 can cannelini beans

1 – In your biggest, heaviest saucepan, cook the onion on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes, covered, until beginning to brown. Add the bacon and, again, cook until browned.
2 – Add the cabbage, apple, mustard, chicken stock and beans.
3 – Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour.
4 – Enjoy.

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  1. James Hall says

    Speedy recovery

    Silly question- what type of Apple or does the variety not matter ?


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