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Review | St Helen’s Farm Dairy

This has never been a particularly dairy centric household. Cheese, we all love, obviously, and soured cream is essential for Mexican food, but once you get into things like yoghurt and milk, we’ve always been more likely to opt for plant based products. I think this began as a hangover from my intense allergy to dairy when I was a baby (it gave me eczema so severe I couldn’t be held) but eventually we all quietly decided that we just preferred it. However, over the years I’ve been introduced to goats milk dairy (which when I was a slightly older child didn’t trigger my eczema quite so severely) several times, and been fond of it. So, when St. Helen’s Farm asked if I was interested in sampling their range in order to ‘vary my dairy’ this month, I figured it might be interesting to bring you that perspective: plant based “dairy” products vs. those made with goats milk. I loved every single St Helen’s product I tried with the exception of just one, which I’ll …


Crepes a La Creme De Marrons

Pancake Day is at last mere days away. On February 28th, it’s finally time to grab a whisk the moment you come home from work and whip up a batch of battery goodness. I’ve had some pretty killer pancake ideas in my time (I think my favourite will always be last years marzipancakes) but this year, I decided to take inspiration from my recent trip to Dieppe, France. In Dieppe, there was an outdoor crepe stall almost every few paces. They were made fresh outside restaurants, cafes and dessert joints, and creme de marrons was on every menu. Creme de marron (which I, of course, had to use Google Translate to decipher when I first saw it) means chestnut paste. This, it turns out, is incredibly easy to make. Vacuum packed cooked chestnuts (I had a packet in the house leftover from Christmas) are boiled gently with sugar, water and vanilla for about half an hour. The chestnuts go into a blender with a little of the syrup at a time until you reach a …


Happy Sunday

I’m back in England. Boo. Hoo. I’ve had the holiday blues from the moment I stepped off that ferry. It may have a lot to do with the fact that as soon as you alight a ferry from Dieppe, you find yourself in Newhaven (it’s an absolute shithole, we can’t very well beat around that bush). It may also have something to do with the hangover that was soon to kick in because we got incredibly drunk off £3 white wine from the ferry shop that we weren’t technically supposed to drink on the ferry. However, the holiday blues have failed at overshadowing my baseline level of happiness as a result of the lovely time we had in France together. We celebrated two birthdays and Valentines Day and not a thing went wrong, it was the perfect trip. It even had the perfect ending, just look at how beautiful everything was as we pulled out of the ferry port.. I know I’ve overused the word perfect already but truly, that’s what it was. I’m struggling …