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I have exciting news. In fairness, it’s really only exciting if you’re me or Tom, or someone who loves us enough to be excited by association. We’re going to Copenhagen today!

All year, I’ve been wanting to go to another country around this time in December to soak up the Christmas vibes of another culture. I’ve never been anywhere but England at Christmas time before, so I can’t wait to see what there is to discover.


Just like on our trip to Hamburg, we didn’t actively choose this destination. It was chosen for us by Kayak Explore. I’d been begging Tom since the summer to come away with me on a very festive weekend somewhere in Europe, and when he finally caved and popped the dates into Kayak, Copenhagen happened to be one of the cheapest places to fly to.

NB: If you’ve never used Kayak Explore before, check it out. You just throw in the details of when you’re travelling and it gives you a map of the world with return flight ticket prices all over it for those dates. It’s a fun way to choose where you’re going, if your only aim is to see more of the world with nowhere specific in mind.

We bagged our return flights for £102 each. We could have gotten them cheaper if we’d flown at awkward times from less convenient airports, but we learned from our last trip that it’s worth a little extra to just fly in the daytime from Gatwick. When we flew to Hamburg we went from Luton, and it was an indescribable ballache – hours on the (expensive) train, arriving at both destinations in the dark making it harder to navigate – whereas today we’re just hopping on to the 30 minute Gatwick Express train from Brighton.



We are definitely Airbnb people. We’re yet to have a bad experience with our hosts (touch wood) and it’s infinitely more affordable than staying in hotels when you take into consideration the price per night and the self catering aspect.

The place we’re staying is in a neighbourhood just outside of Copenhagen (it’ll take us a good twenty minutes or so to get to the city centre using public transport) but our angel of a host has already eased my mind by sending me detailed directions and maps with little arrows on so that we can find our way from the airport.

Obviously, the benefit of staying just outside the city is that the price per night is easier to spring for. It’s cost us £180 (including service fees and what not) for the pair of us to arrive Friday and check out Monday morning. That’s thirty quid each a night.


Not to alarm anyone, but I’ve finally bought a sensible adult weekend away bag. The last couple trips I was armed with a rubbish Primark bag that fell apart on the way home from Hamurg. I read Alice’s post on Cabin Zero Bags and nabbed one with her discount code.

Given the option, I probably would have opted for a softer orange over the garish baby blue one I bought, but just the difference in colour would have costed me £20 more and I’m not about to part with a score for the sake of vanity.

Obviously, I haven’t put it to the test yet, but it’s feeling like a pretty great bag. Sturdy, roomy, and I’m hoping it’ll be with me for years to come. My plan is to get iron-on patches of each place I visit to decorate it with over time.. I’ve just ordered this one so that it’ll arrive on my return home.


Usually, I would have been obsessing over maps and travel guides and phrasebooks and reviews for two months already. I had wanted to, but I’ve just been so busy in the run up to Christmas that I’ve not had a chance.

Two of my lovely blogger friends, Becky and Lottie have both been and written about it fairly recently, but I’m expecting the experience to be wholly different now that the temperatures have plummeted and the Christmas decorations will be out in full force.

The only thing we know for sure that we definitely want to do is visit Tivoli Gardens. It’s supposed to be an absolute winter wonderland come Christmas time and has a Christmas market at which we’ll be able to find trinkets for our loved ones trees.

Besides that, me and Tom are pretty happy just wandering around, getting a bit lost but not for too long and eating treats we wouldn’t be able to find at home. I’m hoping to get lots of snaps of Scandinavian festivities and see – for the very first time – how another country celebrates Christmas.


I’ve been really shit at travel blogging previously. The intention is there, I just haven’t been organised enough to get everything written down. This time will be different.

I’m bringing a teenie tiny notebook with me so that I can jot down notes for posts as we go along, and my darling friend Katy has enlightened me to the fact that you can stick pins in destinations in Google maps – so that should help me as I go along, too.

If there’s anything in particular that you’d really like to see written about Christmas in Copenhagen, get your requests in now!

I’ll be flying back on Monday, so there’s now Around the World in 80 Dates post coming next week, but I’ll make it up to you with lots of Danish Christmas spam in the following days..

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The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

This post is sponsored by HelloFresh

The Big Roast is quite the undertaking. If you wanna go all out, there’s a lot of work to do. However, so long as you get the right amount of preparation done beforehand and guilt trip enough layabout family members into giving you a hand, it’s manageable without too much panicking.

It’s really all about strategy. What you need is a good game plan. My friends at HelloFresh happen to have one of these lying around, which is what I’ve interrupted your day for.


The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide is a free download that will help you get organised for the big day. It’s got everything you need to make sure nothing goes tits up – and even provides a visual timeline so that you know what needs to happen when, step by step.

Basically, this is the sort of clever thing that I would have done for you ages ago if I had the organisation, forward thinking or design skills to do so – so I’m elated that it’s landed on my doorstep for me to share with you. You can go get it by clicking here.


That’s it, that’s all I had to say today! Except: have you heard my new podcast? It has now been officially launched! Episode one went live yesterday and is all about Christmas in Sweden. You can listen to it on the web player here or subscribe on iTunes.

OK now that’s really everything and you can go back to your Wednesday.

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#CITKPodcast Episode One: Christmas in Sweden

Well, hasn’t this been a long time coming? If you follow any of my social media channels, you’ll be well aware that I’ve been working on a brand new food podcast since November.

My aim has been to learn, and boy have I learned. I’m so interested in how other people live their lives, and food is a fantastic marker of our differences.

In series one I’ve focused solely on interviewing my friends and family so as to gently ease myself in to podcasting. What this did was create a cosy, relaxed and familiar environment that I hope will be as much of a pleasure to listen to as it was to be in.

I didn’t expect to learn so much from people that I knew so well already. It’s been such a fantastic experience for me. If you share my fascination for other humans, I think you’ll enjoy what’s to come.

I hope you’ll forgive the less-than-perfect recording conditions early on. I knock the mic a few times and you can hear the fridge humming in the background. These are all issues that I’ve since teased out with new recording habits, but I was only just beginning to learn back when we captured this episode.


In our first episode I introduce the beautiful Rebecka, my darling Swedish friend who very kindly came over to tell me all about Christmas traditions in her country. You can listen by clicking the ‘play’ button below.



Just before I go, I want to say an enormous thank you to my Dad, who has been on hand throughout the entire creation process from all the way up in Scotland to guide me as a better recording artist through his sound engineering skills.

He also recorded guitar for opening and closing whimsy, and has finessed each episode to perfection. Thank you Dad, I’m fairly sure I would have given up after a few weeks if it weren’t for your help and guidance.

Please please tell me what you think!! Use the hashtag #CITKPodcast on Twitter or drop me a line on any of the social medias.

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