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Dairy Free Dark Chocolate, Almond and Cherry Cookies

Dark Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Cookies (Dairy Free)

This is not a recipe for leftover easter eggs, I cannot stress this enough. I firmly believe that leftover easter eggs are a mythical creature, I’ve never seen one myself nor have any of my friends. I have a weird cousin that says she once found one at the back of a cupboard but she’s kind of an exile and nobody trusts her. This is, however, a useful recipe to employ when you get bored of eating egg shaped chocolate – and depending on how keenly you made use of the 3 for £10 offer at like all supermarkets, this may happen relatively quickly. In my mind, this recipe started out vegan. I was all like “ooh I’ll find a vegan egg replacement for cookies and we’ll take it from there” but then I realised the chocolate egg I was using wasn’t vegan friendly, so I figured I might as well use an egg and tackle vegan cookies another day. The chocolate egg I used, FYI, was the Lindt excellence dark – it actually has milk …

Vegan Apricot Muffins

Vegan Apricot Muffins

  I’ve been a little quiet on the recipe front in February, as you may have already noticed. There are two reasons for this.. It’s my 21st birthday month, so I’ve been drunk or hungover for like a lot of the days in February so far. I’m currently in the middle of a pretty huge overhaul of my diet and attitude towards food post-Veganuary. I’m feeling the way and getting used to things and doing lots of thinking and researching and it just hasn’t left a huge amount of room for shareable creativity. I’m hoping that this is me just about over the hump and regular service should resume pretty soon but if I’m still a little slow on it, be patient with me, I’m doing lots of learning over here. That said, today I have been very very brave and stepped nervously into the world of vegan baking. I’ve been here before – the world of vegan baking, that is – but this time I’m here for a different reason. Previous attempts at vegan baking …

Buttered Apple Tart from Tea with Jane Austen

Buttered Apple Tart from Tea With Jane Austen

If you’re a fan of Little Library Cafe, a gorgeous food blog written by Kate Young full of recipes taken straight out of novels, then I think you will like this recipe book. This concept is so fun and imaginative, noticing a beautiful dessert or a mention of a meal in a story and creating it in ones own kitchen. Isn’t that gorgeous? It appeals to something in me, anyway. Tea with Jane Austen is much like Little Library Cafe, but it’s an entire recipe book devoted to food that features in Austen novels specifically. Can we take one or two seconds to appreciate how incredibly British that is? I live for this stuff. Really. I made this tart on Monday, a day that always needs something warm and baked and covered in icing sugar, I think. Whilst the tart was delicious, I think the pastry case really needed a good blind bake. Paul Hollywood would give me a death stare if I served it to him I think. I’ve left the recipe below intact …