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PB&J Fries at The Little Blue Smokehouse

The Little Blue Smokehouse have been on my to-try list for what feels like years. They’ve been at The Southover for a little while, Seven Stars for a little longer and Street Diner for bloody ages. Last night we finally popped in for a bite on our way to the cinema. I feel the need to tell you about the existence of their PB&J fries. (Inspired by Katy, I’m gonna start bringing you more quick one-menu-item posts like this.) Tip: get one of the booth tables at the back. Peanut butter and jelly fries, quite literally. They’re £7.95 from the ‘hangover food’ section of the LBS menu. Peanut satay, crispy onions, chilli jam and vegan mayo, plus a little scattering of roasted peanuts. Kind of a genius concept, definitely a delicious one, and almost certainly something I’ll be trying a variation of at home. I’m gonna be revisiting Little Blue ASAP, what should I try next? Twitter // Instagram // Facebook 

PSA: There’s A Franco Manca at The Marina

There’s been a Franco Manca on Regent Street for frigging ages, and everyone’s been talking about it and telling me it’s absolutely wonderful and that I must go for that exact amount of time, and I still hadn’t. Oops. However, thanks to their brand new opening at the marina, I’ve finally been to see what all the fuss is about. Franco Manca have an ethos we can all more than easily get on board with. They’ve got a heavy focus on simple food, locally sourced ingredients and affordability. There are just six pizzas on the menu – plus two specials on the board, one meat and one vegetarian – each of them uncomplicated and very reasonably priced. You won’t pay more than £8 for a pizza unless you add a load of extra toppings, and for the quality of ingredients you’re getting, that’s a bargain. All their pizzas are made with slow-rising sourdough and baked in a wood fired oven right before your very eyes (the open kitchen is visible from every seat in the house). The …

Review | The Chilli Pickle Set Menu

I worry that I’m becoming notorious for not having been to all the really cool places that come highly recommended by Brighton’s biggest food enthusiasts. I’ve been insanely late to the party with pretty much all notable restaurants in this city, and I still haven’t made it to most of them. This was, believe it or not, my first ever visit to The Chilli Pickle. I am, however, beginning to develop a taste for eating out like never before – which perhaps has something to do with how much I enjoy the company of my partner in crime – so reviews are set to become a bigger part of Cate in the Kitchen than they have been previously. Anyway, enough about my inadequacies, you’re here to learn more about The Chilli Pickle. After smaller beginnings in Meeting House Lane, they’ve been at their larger Jubilee Square venue for three years now and done very well there indeed. They’re multi award winning, and literally just last night won the Indian episode of Best British Takeaways. In short: they’re a …