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Cheap Dates in Brighton – Lunch Time Wing Deal at The Joker

There’s nothing quite like a new blog series to get me excited, and I’ve been wanting to kick this one off for quite some time. Review posts of food in Brighton always tend to go down well with you, but the reality is I just don’t have the disposable income to try out every new place as it opens. What I do have, though, is a bit of creativity when it comes to arranging a lovely day out centered around food for little to no money. This series will bring you ideas for going out in Brighton and having a great time with your significant other, your friends or your family. It might not always be the cheapest date in the world (today’s, for example, is pricier than I might have wanted to start out with) but if it represents excellent value for money, it will be included. If you have suggestions or favourites that you want me to tell the world about, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or get in touch …