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How to Cook Christmas Dinner By Yourself

How to Cook Christmas Dinner Without Crying

I’m no veteran in the Christmas kitchen. I’m 21 years old and this is only my second year being person in charge of making sure everybody gets fed on December 25th. However, I feel I’ve got it pretty much under control already. Family members have wandered into the kitchen to voice their surprise at my cool, calm and collected demeanour amongst the roasting and boiling and mountains of peeling, so I feel it’s possible that I may have some knowledge to impart that might help you or your loved ones next year. If not, I’ll try and crack some jokes or something along the way so that reading this hasn’t been a complete and total waste of your time. Know what to delegate This is a personal thing, only you know what you’d rather everybody else do. I’m perfectly happy peeling and chopping, but I’m not as confident being in charge of making sure the beef is cooked properly and getting yorkies to rise, we’re all different. The way I’ve divvied up the responsibility so …

Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market 2016

On Friday, my Nan treated me to a whole day in Winchester, wandering around the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market. It was as you’d expect; very cold, idyllically picturesque and incredibly festive. I can’t imagine a better way to have kicked off advent! There’s not much to write, and I thought you’d probably appreciate a little break from my ramblings actually, so I’m just throwing in all the best pictures from the day to make you feel all warm and twinkly and festive. I hope it works. 20 sleeps to go! See you this week for (hopefully) a Christmas recipe. Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Bloglovinโ€™ย // Vine

Happy Sunday

Welcome to the first legally festive edition of Happy Sunday. We are in December, absolutely nobody can moan at us now, it’s time. I’ve updated my logo to its more Christmassy version (or at least, will have done by the time you’re reading this, hopefully) and fitted my bed with the Christmas dog sheets I bought in George last year. We haven’t gotten the Christmas tree up just yet, but I have finally managed my first batch of mince pies. Sit back with a hot cup of cocoa and see what’s been going on in and out of the kitchen for the last couple of weeks. On Friday, my Nan and me boarded a coach bright and early and headed out to Winchester Christmas Market. It was probably the most festive and photogenic situation I have ever been in – I’ll be posting about it separately cause I think you just all need those pictures in your lives this month – and I had a brilliant time and came back with a little haul of …