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GF Sesh Falafel

Cooking the Blogs | GFSesh’s Gluten Free Falafel

Welcome to my new-for-2016 segment! You might remember that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to cook a recipe from one of my fellow bloggers every month and write about it here. I’m very excited about staying true to this resolution. I think it’s so exciting when we all support each other in the #fdbloggers squad so.. who better to start with than Loriley, the creator of the #fdbloggers community and one of my very favourite Internet friends. Loriley’s blog is entirely gluten free without being smug, irritating and in-your-face-clean-eating-y, something I find to be relatively hard to come by on the internet in this post-GOOP world. You should absolutely follow her whether you’re gluten free or not. I, as you know, am not, and I follow her religiously. The recipe I decided to sample from GFsesh was homemade falafel. Something I’ve never attempted before now and something I was determined to try at some point during Veganuary. All the right things were in alignment when she hit publish on this recipe. My intention is (or …