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New Product Alert | Aero Heavenly

This is an Aero Heavenly advert Aero Heavenly have just launched a brand new dessert. The bubbly chocolate pudding is available in stores now in two flavours, chocolate and salted caramel. This is the Aero mousse you know and love, but not quite as you know it. The gold packaging and extra ingredients bump it up a little higher on the luxury scale. The familiar mousse is here mixed with chopped nuts and smooth, rich sauce. Those with a sweet tooth will find nothing to complain about should they opt for salted caramel, and milk chocolate will be a favourite among those that prefer something a little less sickly. Aero Heavenly is available at Waitrose, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for an RRP of £1.79.  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook 

Coffee Bags 101: Which Brand is Best?

I don’t know how new coffee bags are in the UK (judging by Google trends, people have been at least semi aware of them since 2014), but they’re relatively new to me. Until recently, I thought my only options for half decent coffee at the office were: making a flask of it before I left the house lugging a caffetiere to work every day OR leaving it there and hoping no one pinches and/or damages it spending like £3 on one sodding cup of coffee All of a sudden, there’s a product on the market telling us we don’t have to do any of those things to swerve the office-provided Nescafe that tastes like actual dishwater anymore. For those unaware of the concept, a coffee bag is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Proper ground coffee in teabag form. Pop it in the mug straight from the box, fill with boiling water, wait a few minutes, remove the bag with a cheeky squeeze on the way out and lo: an actually passable cup of …

Review | i heart Wines

I’m not a person who knows about wine. I never have been and it’s likely enough that I never will be, this much we know. Therefore I – like many of you – often find myself in the booze ailse at the supermarket wondering how little I can get away with spending on a bottle without it tasting vile. If you’re shaking your head in disgust, this is not the post for you. If you’re nodding in quiet agreement, read on – I have good news. I’ve recently been introduced to ‘i heart Wines‘, a UK brand with distribution all over the world that was set up with a simple mission in mind: to produce great tasting wine at reasonable prices. Most ‘i heart‘ bottles are retailing at about a fiver, which is a couple of quid below the maximum I’ll pay if I’m looking for a decent-ish bottle in the supermarket. From what we tried (three of their wines: pinot grigio, shiraz and white zinfandel), they’re absolutely worth £5. While not the most extravagant …