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GF Sesh Falafel

Cooking the Blogs | GFSesh’s Gluten Free Falafel

Welcome to my new-for-2016 segment! You might remember that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to cook a recipe from one of my fellow bloggers every month and write about it here. I’m very excited about staying true to this resolution. I think it’s so exciting when we all support each other in the #fdbloggers squad so.. who better to start with than Loriley, the creator of the #fdbloggers community and one of my very favourite Internet friends. Loriley’s blog is entirely gluten free without being smug, irritating and in-your-face-clean-eating-y, something I find to be relatively hard to come by on the internet in this post-GOOP world. You should absolutely follow her whether you’re gluten free or not. I, as you know, am not, and I follow her religiously. The recipe I decided to sample from GFsesh was homemade falafel. Something I’ve never attempted before now and something I was determined to try at some point during Veganuary. All the right things were in alignment when she hit publish on this recipe. My intention is (or …

Vegan Creamy, Garlicky, Lemony, Green Pasta Sauce on Cate in the Kitchen

Vegan Creamy, Garlicky, Lemony, Green Pasta Sauce

I have made this pasta dish twice this week because it’s super easy and it makes me feel smug to eat two types of greens in one go. It’s also a pretty great go-to for me because each of these 5 ingredients are things that I almost always have in.  The pictures I’ve managed to get of this recipe are just not ideal, but my desire to share it with you overpowers my desire to look like I take really great pictures of food so whatever. Here we are. I should warn you that the 1 garlic clove in this sauce is raw, and therefore packs a punch both flavour-wise and odour-wise. If you’re not into that, just go ahead and skip it. Personally, I love it. And raw garlic is increds good for you, so that’s why it’s in there. You’ll notice that I’m using soya cream again (I used it in my squash pasta sauce last week). There’s been a carton of the stuff in my fridge at all time throughout Veganuary, I will …

Veganuary Update on Cate in the Kitchen

Veganuary | 3 Weeks In

We’re more than half way through already! This week I learned that there is such a thing as too much hummus, after eating an entire tub a day for three days straight I began to feel less than cute, so I’m cooling it on the chickpea front over the next little while. Lesson learned: you can have too much of a good thing. I did have to cheat again (for the second week running) for a client recipe. Even though I told myself at the beginning of the month that this was going to happen, it feels like a weird self-betrayal. I have now officially lost all of the weight that I put on over Christmas, I can only presume that it’s down to all the plants I’ve been eating and all the cheese I haven’t been eating. Moral of that story: Veganuary is a very effective and basically painless post-Christmas cleanse. Cravings Again with the butter. I’ve got a real hankering for butter. Other than that though I’m not craving very much at all. …