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Vegan Cream Cheese (Sheese) Review on Cate in the Kitchen

So Just How Bad Is Vegan Cream Cheese..? (AKA a Sheese Review)

You may remember that earlier this month, for Veganuary research purposes, I was a very brave girl and put vegan pizza cheese in my body. It did not set my world on fire. However, following that post, I was flooded with recommendations from long time vegans who had a favourite brand, so I felt it was my duty to delve into some of them. This is the first of those.. Sheese is heralded by almost everyone that’s recommended it as a bit of a wonder kid that tastes exactly like cream cheese. It’s a soya product that contains coconut oil, and the ingredients list is inoffensive, so I wasn’t quite as scared of this as I was of VioLife pizza cheese, but I was absolutely still scared. Let’s just dive right in, shall we.. Appearance Let’s say challenging. If I were to squint at it, I’d be like “wow, you know that really just looks like cream cheese, good call internet I applaud you”. But if I look it right in the eye, in the stone …

Perfect Skinny Parsnip Fries

Perfect Skinny Parsnip Fries

So far, I’ve been very good and given you vegan recipes that count as whole, entire, filling meals. We’ve eaten breakfast together, put on a Mexican spread and gorged ourselves on creamy carbs. Today, we snack on fries. Because balance. These are amazing as an irresponsible lunch, and they go perfectly crispy if cut thin enough without needing to be deep fried. I’ve got no aversion to eating deep fried anything, but I’m scared to actually having to do deep frying. I’ve never done it before, I don’t think I’ve got the right kind of oil in, or the tools to get thingies out of the pan once they’re ready and oh god isn’t it just easier to cook things in the oven? I think they’d be very delicious served next to a gorgeous vegan burger. I’m currently exploring the perfect vegan burger, making notes here and there to hopefully bring you a blog post with tips on creating one. Perhaps it’ll happen, perhaps it won’t. You never can tell with me. How will you serve …

Veganuary Update Week 2

Veganuary | 2 Weeks In

Guys this is just alarmingly easy. Veganism is suiting me down to the god damn ground. I’ve tried to pack this post with lots more information this week (here’s last weeks if you missed it) because I’m finding loads of really helpful and interesting stuff during my own research. If you’ve got your own tips and discoveries and hilarious vegan anecdotes (do they exist?) to share, please please do so in the comments! The closest I’ve come to cheating this week.. I regret to inform you, dear friends, that I did have to cheat this week. This wasn’t a hands trembling, beads of sweat down the forehead “I must eat butter with a spoon” cheat, it was the kind I mentioned in my pledge at the start of this challenge. I develop recipes for a handful of clients, and most of them were on board with going vegan for January, but one of them involved chicken. My hand was forced. The best thing I ate this week Why is this such a difficult question? My …