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Rye Waffles with Banana and Salted Caramel

Rye Waffles with Banana

One afternoon last week when I got home from work, Tom announced that he’d bought me a present and that I should wander around the house playing hot or cold to find it. After a relatively short game (we live in a little flat, you only have to say “warmer” about five times in order to direct someone to even the smallest nook and/or cranny) I was beside myself to discover a brand new waffle maker hidden away in his computer desk. Best random getting-home-from-work surprise ever. Naturally, I insisted on making waffles almost immediately. I wanted to start by playing with rye flour because me and rye have kind of a thing going on at the moment. My current bread obsession is Fjord, a loaf you’ll find at any of the Real Patisserie bakeries around town. It’s a gorgeous, dark, seedy, dense loaf that packs more depth and flavour than I ever thought I’d want in a bread. Give it a try, if you live around here, slathered with Marmite. Unf. Β Anyway, sorry, that …