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Sunday Roast at The Geese Pub Brighton

Happy Sunday

  I’ve been a little bit out of sorts this week. Exhibit A: today I didn’t eat anything at all until 4pm. Exhibit B: I have not tweeted in 16 hours, and I’ve only tweeted three times in the last two days. I’m alarmed, are you alarmed? Also the home screen button on my iPhone broke. I’m just a hot mess at the moment, bear with me. Apparently, a third of us are eating less meat. This pleases me. Viva la small, slow and steady revolution. It’s nice to go a little deeper sometimes, and these 40 words for emotions you’ve felt but couldn’t explain totally took me there. I talk about This American Life a lot around here, and that’s because I think it genuinely makes me a better person to look into the lives of human beings once a week. This podcast is a gift, and if you’re not already on board, please consider changing that. On repeat this week: baby makin’ music c/o Aluna George. I’ve started a few of my days …