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Baileys Christmas Cookies

The Cookies Santa Would Like You to Leave Out For Him This Year

It’s a little late for holiday cookies by some standards, but yesterday is when I made this batch, and if you happen to have some time on your hands and enough flour and spices in your cupboard, you can totally knock these up this afternoon. Leaving a little treat out for Santa Claus is something that we’ve not done for quite some time in this family, mostly because we, the children, are now 18 and 20. It would be somewhat inappropriate to let delicious biscuits go stale overnight in the name of a man we both (sadly) found out over a decade ago does not in fact sneak down the chimney to enjoy them. If you are lucky enough to have tiny excited people running around your house right now in a fit of excitement for the arrival of the big guy in red, you may well be taking part in this cute tradition. I highly recommend these gingerbread cookies with a little Baileys icing. This is not really a recipe post. I used the …