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Vegan Fajitas Recipe

Vegan Fajitas

You may have noticed that over a week has passed since the Veganuary start date, and I’m yet to post a recipe until now. I’m pleased to inform you that this recipe was worth the wait. This is not a 10 minute meal, you’re gonna have to do a few different processes and yeah, there might be more dishes than usual. For that I apologise. I hope you live in a household where the cook doesn’t have to do the dishes (I don’t). What this is, however, is a meal that you can cook for your non-vegan friends and have them go “Wait, this is what vegan food tastes like? Why didn’t you say something before? This is badass and I demand that you cook it for me all the time” or something along those lines. It’s also my way of having your back if you too are participating in Veganuary. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I’m getting to the end of the day and just being hungry, because I’m still learning how …