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Vegan Quiche with Chickpea Flour

Can You Make Vegan Quiche With Chickpea Flour?

When Jess bought me But I Could Never Go Vegan for my birthday last month, the recipes that most piqued my interest were those that used chickpea flour as an egg substitute of sorts. It’s taken me over a month, but I finally popped to Taj over the weekend to pick up some chickpea flour and put that theory to the test. Ironically, I ended up rejecting the BICNGV recipes in favour of this one from One Green Planet. I decided the ones in the book were too fussy and I was feeling too lazy. I’m intrigued by chickpea flour in a big way. I’ve already used up the little packet I bought at Taj but I’m gonna nip out and get some more (apparently it’s cheaper and available in larger quantities down the supermarket under the name of gram flour, thanks Twitter) to keep experimenting with vegan and gluten free situations. Chickpea flour is as it sounds, straight up ground up chickpeas, making it not a super stodgy carby thing to use, but a …