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Sweet and Sour Tofu

Vegan Chinese New Year

I mean why not, right? Maybe it’s just me, the ultimate seeker of novelty, but I get full on excited at the thought of getting up close and personal with something new. This Chinese New Year, I’m stepping into previously unknown territory and exploring the vegan possibilities in the world of Chinese food. Before anybody points it out, I know that “Chinese food” is kind of a ridiculous generalisation because China is enormous and has a gazillion different cuisines within it – what I’m really talking about here is our Westernised version of the stuff, anything you can find by glancing at the takeaway menu. Vegan Chinese takeaway According to the PETA guide to vegan takeaway, most Chinese restaurants have plenty of tofu knocking about in the kitchen, and the majority of their meat dishes will have tofu equivalents. So if you are into the soy vibe, ordering a Chinese takeaway should be pretty much plain sailing. Their vegetable dishes should be safe (steamed or stir fried veg, crispy seaweed) as should their plainer noodle and rice sides, but …