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Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica, Posh Bread Thingies and Other Stuff

It’s not often these days that we do a brand focus on Cate in the Kitchen, but the gang at Crosta & Mollica sent me a hamper of their fancy bread thingies and I did so much good eating with it that I wanted to show it all to you in one place. So here we are. Instead of cutting up the images with words, let’s get them all together and then talk afterwards. See you in a few scrolls time. I’m legit impressed with the whole range – or at least the bits I’ve sampled. You know how some brands come to be a completely reliable source of a specific thing for you? (The example I always give here is GU, if you want a fancy and impressive and indulgent dessert, GU always has your back, you know?). I think that Crosta & Mollica have just become my go-to brand for fancy schmancy Italian bread thingies. The featured image of this post is made up of their Grissini Breads and Tarallini, both of which …