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The Union at The Gladstone, Brighton, Review

Review | Union Grill at The Gladstone

Guys I’m really sorry that I only ever review takeaway restaurant food, I promise that this year I will start eating out more and taking pictures in daylight every now and then that don’t completely suck. I figure you’d rather know about these places and cope with the fact that not all my blog posts are pornos than not know about them at all, right? I’ll do better, I’m working on it, bear with me. The Gladstone is one of my favourite pubs in Brighton for its gorgeous garden (the place to be on a sunny afternoon) and not horrifically busy or slow bar. It’s a diamond in the rough-around-the-edges vibe Lewes Road has held on to that London Road has been desperately trying to escape these past few years. Despite it being a lovely place to pop down to, I didn’t actually leave my threshold to finally give Union Grill a try.. There were three reasons for this: 1 – It was Monday. 2 – Deliveroo had very kindly given me £20 credit so that I …

MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

I’m a dirty dirty cheat

I have a confession to make I’ve let you down, I’ve let myself down, I’ve let Veganuary down. On Saturday the 23rd January, I broke my promise of abstaining from animal products that I made to the internet. I broke it and I ordered a great big juicy burger from MeatLiquor with a side of cheese fries and fried pickles. I’m very sorry. For hours afterward I couldn’t get the image of that crazy bitch nun from Game of Thrones ringing her bell of shame out of my mind. I tried to scrub the traces of dead hippie sauce from my hands like Lady Macbeth scrubbing away at blood. I felt the guilt and I felt it hard. I blame Deliveroo and MeatLiquor for being sexy, evil temptresses. Please feel free to hurl Shakespearean insults along the ruined woman vein at me in the comments, for that is what I am. Over and out. Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Bloglovin’ // Vine  

Saba Thai Vegan Takeaway in Brighton Review

Sabai Thai (Vegan Takeaway) Review

Quick note: I apologise for the poor quality of photography in this post, it’s dark at night time, my kitchen is poorly lit, life is what it is. I thought you could handle crappy photographs for the sake of finding out what a vegan takeaway is like. Last night I felt a bit miserable. Lacking in both desire to go out and shop for food and creativity to rustle something up from the bizarre ingredients that I had floating around, it was time to make good on my promise to try the vegan side of the Sabai Thai menu. You guys know I’m a bit rubbish at writing about food that I didn’t cook, it’s just not my jam, but I’m hoping you’ll get the gist. Ruam Mit Shub Pang Tord (Thai Tempura), £4.95  My god these veggies were good. I’m going to ask Emily if she can teach me how to do the whole tempura batter thing so that I can eat this exact thing again ASAP. The veg wasn’t mushy at all, particularly …