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Vegan Chilli and Garlic Flatbreads with Roasted Cauliflower

Chilli + Garlic Flatbreads with Roast Cauliflower and Lemon Yoghurt (Vegan)

It’s taking me a little while to settle in to the habit of making proper vegan meals. I don’t mean that I’m struggling to cook without dairy or desperately missing eggs, but I am discovering that it doesn’t come naturally to me yet to have a whole joined up plant based dinner. I think it was Sal who once said that when she tried going vegan for a while, she found herself just eating sides all the time and never really felt as though she’d had dinner. Hopefully, in time, new behaviours in the kitchen will start to set in and I’ll┬ábe eating recipes like this almost every day. We’ve got filling carby homemade flatbreads (far easier to knock up than I had presumed until recently), our bulky and robust veg is the humble yet somehow trendy at the moment cauliflower, a little crunch and protein from the cashews, a welcome touch of green from salad leaves and avocado and most importantly of all, creamy deliciousness thanks to the lemony yoghurt sauce. You couldn’t possibly …