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Pancakes on Cate in the Kitchen

Happy Sunday

It’s been a week of ups and downs, some dramatic and some mediocre. I watched Say Anything three times whilst eating¬†a lot of cold pasta-based foods that really should have been warm, is that an up or a down? I’ll let you decide that privately. I went to the bank and stood in a line for a long time, and I made two healthcare appointments that I’ve been ignoring for the last three years, so I’ve made progression towards being a proper grown up this week. OK, actually I made one, I’m still ignoring the other. I spent longer on this website¬†humiliating Donald Trump in my own small way than I will ever tell you. Please do not click that link if you have a deadline of any kind whatsoever. I’ve spent the past few days listening to this specific cover of All Along The Watchtower. I’m not sure why I didn’t know about it before, but it’s delicious and I don’t want to listen to anything else ever again. Except maybe this. Can you …