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MeatLiquor through Deliveroo

I’m a dirty dirty cheat

I have a confession to make I’ve let you down, I’ve let myself down, I’ve let Veganuary down. On Saturday the 23rd January, I broke my promise of abstaining from animal products that I made to the internet. I broke it and I ordered a great big juicy burger from MeatLiquor with a side of cheese fries and fried pickles. I’m very sorry. For hours afterward I couldn’t get the image of that crazy bitch nun from Game of Thrones ringing her bell of shame out of my mind. I tried to scrub the traces of dead hippie sauce from my hands like Lady Macbeth scrubbing away at blood. I felt the guilt and I felt it hard. I blame Deliveroo and MeatLiquor for being sexy, evil temptresses. Please feel free to hurl Shakespearean insults along the ruined woman vein at me in the comments, for that is what I am. Over and out. Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Bloglovin’ // Vine