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Galentine's Day Card

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day in Brighton

  WTF is Galentine’s Day? If you don’t know, I get it, but you do need to reprioritise the information that you’re keeping in your brain. Galentine’s Day is a pre-Valentine’s celebration of your female friends invented by Parks and Recreation‘s Lesley Knope, traditionally celebrated on February 13th – it needed to come early this year because we’re going out tonight to for my 21st birthday and ain’t nobody getting out of bed on Saturday. Who’d I celebrate with? My very best friend in the entire world, Jess. obligatory blast from the past pictures  We’ve been friends for a very long time (I’ve spared you the pictures of us when we’re 13, nobody needs to see those.. ever). She’s the most important lady in my life that doesn’t share my DNA and she’s always, always there. I love her very much and it was awesome to take an entire day to just celebrate being one of the most badass duos in existence. Presents A non-obligatory yet very welcome component of Galentine’s Day. The most appropriate gift? Chocolate. …