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Carina on Choosing Gluten Free

I Grilled My Gluten Avoiding Friend About The Whole GF Thing

This post is in collaboration with MOMA A recent survey of 400 Brits by OnePoll for MOMA has uncovered a big old trend of dissatisfaction with the availability of gluten free products. I was pretty interested – considering the huge rise in the popularity of omitting gluten – to find out that over 70% of respondents felt there wasn’t enough variety in gluten free ranges, and 20% just aren’t into what’s available at all. A good friend of mine has been avoiding gluten for a couple of years now, so I thought I’d tempt her over with the promise of delicious delicious food and talk to her about her own experiences. Internet, meet Carina: Carina eliminated gluten from her diet after toying with different ways of eating to find the way of eating that suited her best, one of the most sensible things you can do for yourself. Since cutting it out, she’s got more energy, is consistently in a better mood, feels lighter (even though that’s a horrific diet-y turn of phrase, I know), she’s sleeping better, …

Vegan Quiche with Chickpea Flour

Can You Make Vegan Quiche With Chickpea Flour?

When Jess bought me But I Could Never Go Vegan for my birthday last month, the recipes that most piqued my interest were those that used chickpea flour as an egg substitute of sorts. It’s taken me over a month, but I finally popped to Taj over the weekend to pick up some chickpea flour and put that theory to the test. Ironically, I ended up rejecting the BICNGV recipes in favour of this one from One Green Planet. I decided the ones in the book were too fussy and I was feeling too lazy. I’m intrigued by chickpea flour in a big way. I’ve already used up the little packet I bought at Taj but I’m gonna nip out and get some more (apparently it’s cheaper and available in larger quantities down the supermarket under the name of gram flour, thanks Twitter) to keep experimenting with vegan and gluten free situations. Chickpea flour is as it sounds, straight up ground up chickpeas, making it not a super stodgy carby thing to use, but a …

GF Sesh Falafel

Cooking the Blogs | GFSesh’s Gluten Free Falafel

Welcome to my new-for-2016 segment! You might remember that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to cook a recipe from one of my fellow bloggers every month and write about it here. I’m very excited about staying true to this resolution. I think it’s so exciting when we all support each other in the #fdbloggers squad so.. who better to start with than Loriley, the creator of the #fdbloggers community and one of my very favourite Internet friends. Loriley’s blog is entirely gluten free without being smug, irritating and in-your-face-clean-eating-y, something I find to be relatively hard to come by on the internet in this post-GOOP world. You should absolutely follow her whether you’re gluten free or not. I, as you know, am not, and I follow her religiously. The recipe I decided to sample from GFsesh was homemade falafel. Something I’ve never attempted before now and something I was determined to try at some point during Veganuary. All the right things were in alignment when she hit publish on this recipe. My intention is (or …