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Veganuary Update on Cate in the Kitchen

Veganuary | 3 Weeks In

We’re more than half way through already! This week I learned that there is such a thing as too much hummus, after eating an entire tub a day for three days straight I began to feel less than cute, so I’m cooling it on the chickpea front over the next little while. Lesson learned: you can have too much of a good thing. I did have to cheat again (for the second week running) for a client recipe. Even though I told myself at the beginning of the month that this was going to happen, it feels like a weird self-betrayal. I have now officially lost all of the weight that I put on over Christmas, I can only presume that it’s down to all the plants I’ve been eating and all the cheese I haven’t been eating. Moral of that story: Veganuary is a very effective and basically painless post-Christmas cleanse. Cravings Again with the butter. I’ve got a real hankering for butter. Other than that though I’m not craving very much at all. …