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Copycat Recipe: Grubbs Malaysian Burger

Copycat Recipe: Grubbs Malaysian Burger

Before you read on: I have not attempted to copycat the actual veggie patty here, because that is a long haul recipe development job (one that I’m always slogging away at, don’t you worry) and this was a quick craving fix. When I can make veggie burgers like Grubbs, you’ll be the first to know. If you’re not familiar with Grubbs, chances are you’re not from around here. To clarify for out of towners, it’s a burger joint. Not outstanding, not terrible (although I know Rosie would disagree with me there), sitting comfortably somewhere between the McDonalds and the GBKs of this world in both quality and price. There are at least three – if not four – branches within walking distance of me at all times, and Grubbs and I have always had something of a special relationship. However, it’s been taken up a notch since I started working just 3 minutes away from the London Road branch. I have absolutely no chill when it comes to Grubbs. I mean, I literally have the t-shirt. …