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Hello Fresh Review

#CookItForward in December with HelloFresh

How I feel about recipe boxes Despite the fact that I’ve never once ordered one of my own volition, I’m a big fan of recipe boxes. I’ve tried just two in the past (Marley Spoon and Abel & Cole) and thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. A couple of friends of mine however (Jess and Josh, two of my favourite foodies, check out their brand new blog here), use recipe boxes on a pretty regular basis – and they seem to be representative of a growing number of people across the country. My only real beef with recipe boxes – and this goes for every single one of them, as it’s essentially unavoidable – is the waste. I’m not talking food waste here (quite the opposite in fact, read on to see more on that) but plastic. Herbs and condiments and little nibbly bits come packaged in tiny little plastic pots and bags, meaning that each recipe box causes a small addition to landfill that makes me feel guilty when I chuck it into the bin. I’m unsure as to how …