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Edible Seaweed

Can We Use Seaweed in Place of Pasta?

Seaweed has been a solid predicted food trend for, I think, a good two or three years. Everyone from HuffPost to MUNCHIES have been championing it as an underdog we’re not paying enough attention to for quite some time. However, I’m yet to see it crop up that frequently across food blogs, on restaurant menus or indeed on my own or my loved ones kitchen tables. And why is that? From everything that I’ve read, seaweed is legit a “superfood” (though I loathe to use that word in an unironic setting) and it’s almost always local when bought in the UK. Two big ticks for this generation of food snobby millenials (as I’ve recently learned is our generation’s thing). Perhaps, as my next thought led me to wonder, seaweed is gross. Maybe that’s the big problem here. At this point, I literally had to find out for myself. So it was time to bite the bullet and eat some damn seaweed. Enter: Seamore “tagliatelle”. First impressions were good. The packaging was bright and unthreatening with …