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Tefal ingenio Review

Tefal ingenio 13 Piece Set Review

Edit 02/05/2017, a year and a half later: the detachable handles for the pans are now beginning to deteriorate and will soon need replacing.   I’ve made some new friends in the kitchen over the past month or two. We were a little nervous of each other at first, but we’re fast becoming thick as thieves. I’ve always known that Tefal are undoubtedly the way to go for non-stick frying pans, but the ingenio set is actually beginning to change the way I cook – for the better, of course. I umm’d and ahh’d over how best to tackle this review. Should I condense it and leave things out to make for easy reading, or cover all the bases I want to talk about and take the hit of being potentially long winded? I chose the latter, presuming that if you clicked on this post in the first place, you’re genuinely interested in this set of pans. I’ll give you the pictures first to ease you in. What actually is Tefal ingenio? The ingenio cookware …