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The Kitchen Wishlist #6 | The Great British Bake Off

You guys know already how happy GBBO season makes me, it’s second only to Christmas and it makes up 12 whole weeks of the year. Really though, how cool is that? It’s gotten so popular since 2010 that there’s a tonne of paraphernalia out there now, and in a perfect world (one where I had enough money and enough cupboard space) I would already own the majority of it. For now? Let’s get to wishing. Guys, this is my birthday card, I want it on my birthday, my birthday is in February. Write. It. Down. These little flexible spatulas are so perfect for getting the last little bit of cake mix out of the bowl, and the bunting on this? I just can’t. How do I want to watch GBBO in the future? Duh, wearing a Mary Berry and/or Paul Hollywood mask. No, it’s not creepy. Shut up. Last year, someone really awesome bought be the recipe book that was brought out with the 2014 season. Needless to say I want this years one too …

The Kitchen Wishlist #5 | Last of the Summer, Whine

You guys are just gonna have to deal with it, OK? We’re in the last few weeks of summer, the kids are going back to school next month and pumpkin spice everything will once again haunt you wherever you go. Personally, I’m totally OK with it, excited even, but a lot of you are really freaking out. I’m not going to start singing the praises of Autumn just yet (but it’s coming, just you wait). Today is about clinging to these last few (slightly, almost, kind of?) warm evenings and BBQs and spontaneous drinks at the beach with a late summer kitchen wish list. FYI, pretty much all of these wishlists will contain Anthropologie because everything they sell is divine. I’m going to presume you’re cool with that. This side plate is so cute and colourful and screams summer evenings in the garden to me. I get the impression that coloured drinking glasses divide people. I’m sat very firmly in the coloured glass camp, come join me, it’s much more fun over here. These ones by Utala …

The Kitchen Wishlist #3 | Terrier Takeover

We’ve talked about my Border Terrier before, haven’t we? Her name is Molly, she’s my best friend (seriously though), my dressing gown is her favourite thing to sleep on and she’s head over heels in love with the postman – perhaps because she likes eating post so much. Here she is:   This weeks wishlist is very much in honour of her. I know lots of dog people end up with a fair few homeware bits featuring canines but for some reason that hasn’t happened in our house. I’d rather like it to, and these are the pieces I think I would start with.. Border terrier apron, £20, Not On The High Street // Terrier egg cup, £6.50, Sophie Allport // Border terrier tea towel, £7.99, The Present Finder // Border terrier mug (looks just like my dog!), Eliza Wray // Border terrier cookie cutter, £8.22, Etsy