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The Kitchen Wishlist #2 | How D’ya Like Them Pineapples

If you’re in the UK right now, you know all too well how disappointing our summer has been so far. Boy, do I feel sorry for the kids that have just broken up from school. I’m hoping this weeks wishlist theme is tropical enough to give you a little bit of the sunshine feeling we should be getting from the sky… Pineapple cutlery, $7 apiece, The Woodsfolk // Pineapple porcelain plate, £64.95, zazzle // Pineapple print tea towel, £10, Etsy // Pineapple candle, £4.99, H&M // Pineapple paper drinking straws, £3.99, Ginger Ray on Not on the High Street

Kitchen Wishlist #1 | The Marble Effect

I’m on a super tight budget lately, as in my disposable income is pretty close to zero and I can’t frivolously buy bits and bobs for the kitchen here and there anymore. As someone who previously used retail therapy as a cure for pretty much everything (a shitty day at work, being a bit poorly, “lady pains”, somebody looking at me weird in the street) it’s a weird situation to be in, not being able to pop into Tiger and buy a bunch of crap I do not need. #FirstWorldProblems am I right? Anyway, I’ve decided that my coping mechanism for this is going to be a new series on the blog. Every week or so I’ll be putting together a themed wish list so that I get to shop without shopping. Yay! This weeks theme might bore some of you to death, but marble is my current obsession. Bloggers (food, beauty and lifestyle) up and down the country are constantly taking beautiful pictures on cool marble backgrounds and I’ve fallen in love with it …