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Veganuary Vegan Breakfast

The Full English-Ish

One of the things I’m growing to love most about this blog is that it serves as evidence of my improvement in pretty much every life category as time goes by. If you look at the relatively pitiful offering I gave as an example of a vegan cooked breakfast last year, you’ll see that what I’m talking about. Doesn’t the 2016 Cate kill it in the breakfast department in comparison? Who knows, maybe next year I’ll have developed the actually perfect vegan breakfast. One that truly rivals 2 eggs, 3 bacon and 2 sausages with a side order of delicious delicious fried bread. For now though, lets take a look at this relatively low key, basically healthy, but 100% filling and satisfying, cooked breakfast. Cutting potatoes up into tiny cubes and frying them until golden brown has become a more than weekly habit of mine, is that a bad thing? I’m almost certain that it’s frowned upon in some circles. Anyway, you get your crispy fatty salty goodness from those. The baked baby chestnut mushrooms …