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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Good Morning, losers. While you read this, I’m in London celebrating the very 1st birthday of one of my very favourite babies. I hope you’ve got equally lovely plans. Here’s some stuff. On repeat this week: I miss my baby sister already, and this song reminds me of her sitting in her room and ignoring me, so I’m listening to it a lot. Also, Real by Years and Years has basically been the soundtrack to my weekend so far (s/o to Jess for bringing it to my attention). You know I go crazy for food science. This super long article about perfecting smooth hummus did good things for me. I love any and all “what’s in their fridge” articles, here’s one from this week – and it’s a bloody book excerpt! What a time to be alive. This weather though If you’ve never been to Brighton, or known anybody that lived here, then you might not know about the Brighton in the summer phenomenon. It gets pretty special out here once the sun gets warm and the …

Keep Calm It's Only Christmas Mug

Hey, Check This Out

Happy Sunday Today I’m helping my Grandparents decorate their Christmas tree, please join me in judging them for leaving it this late, it is truly unacceptable. I’ll also be making Nigella’s chestnut cheesecake and Jess and Josh’s leek carbonara for lunch and I reckon a roast is on the cards tonight. A very good Sunday on all counts, I’d say. Good things that happened this week.. My bed became an even happier place because I bought a Christmas dogs duvet cover. I can’t put into words how much joy it’s given me. George at ASDA is the place to be if you want to grab some of these (or one of their other festive sets) for £10!! I wore Christmas socks almost every day this week. I only ate my advent calendar chocolate early once. Just once. I think that makes me an adult. I got the family together to taste test mulled wine and mincemeat from a few different supermarkets, it was festive and fun. Results will be blogged this week. I’m struggling to think of anything else. …

The Page 3 Mince Pie on Cate in the Kitchen

The Page Three Mince Pie

I’ve heard lots of people say that they don’t like mince pies over the years, and it doesn’t usually cause an emotional reaction in me. Because that would be weird. But last year, an American that I really like – I think it was Rob Delaney, but I have almost no recollection at all – slagged them off in a way that got me just a tiny bit riled up. I don’t remember what he said exactly, but the quote involved the words “wodges of stodge” and made reference to how British people must just be a bit mad to continue to eat them so much every year. Thinking about it, perhaps it wasn’t an American, do Americans say wodge and stodge? Anyway, the reason it got me a little bit is because.. it’s kind of true. Are both of those layers of pastry entirely necessary? Ever since I was a child, I’ve been removing the lid of mince pies to eat them, and then munching on it afterwards as a sort of second dessert. In …