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Cheap Dates in Brighton | 2-4-1 Burgers at Little Blue Smokehouse @ The Southover

Update: heartbreakingly, Little Blue Smoke are no longer operating at The Southover, so this deal is no longer applicable – you can find them at Hare and Hounds! Brighton is fast becoming London 2.0, whether we like it or not. That means that date night is getting more expenive by the day, and it can be tricky to keep up. I’m all about a bargain, and I’ve made it my mission to find you the best deals in town so that you don’t have to bankrupt yourself to hang with your other half. The only rule is that the date can only cost a maximum of £10 per head, the rest is all to play for. I’ve featured Little Blue Smokehouse previously on this here corner of the internet back when I was all excited over their PB&J fries at their Seven Stars residence. They’re now a permanent fixture at The Southover, which is not quite as accessible if you’re coming in from out of town (it’s up in the residential area of Hanover) but …

PB&J Fries at The Little Blue Smokehouse

The Little Blue Smokehouse have been on my to-try list for what feels like years. They’ve been at The Southover for a little while, Seven Stars for a little longer and Street Diner for bloody ages. Last night we finally popped in for a bite on our way to the cinema. I feel the need to tell you about the existence of their PB&J fries. (Inspired by Katy, I’m gonna start bringing you more quick one-menu-item posts like this.) Tip: get one of the booth tables at the back. Peanut butter and jelly fries, quite literally. They’re £7.95 from the ‘hangover food’ section of the LBS menu. Peanut satay, crispy onions, chilli jam and vegan mayo, plus a little scattering of roasted peanuts. Kind of a genius concept, definitely a delicious one, and almost certainly something I’ll be trying a variation of at home. I’m gonna be revisiting Little Blue ASAP, what should I try next? Twitter // Instagram // Facebook