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Perfect Skinny Parsnip Fries

Perfect Skinny Parsnip Fries

So far, I’ve been very good and given you vegan recipes that count as whole, entire, filling meals. We’ve eaten breakfast together, put on a Mexican spread and gorged ourselves on creamy carbs. Today, we snack on fries. Because balance. These are amazing as an irresponsible lunch, and they go perfectly crispy if cut thin enough without needing to be deep fried. I’ve got no aversion to eating deep fried anything, but I’m scared to actually having to do deep frying. I’ve never done it before, I don’t think I’ve got the right kind of oil in, or the tools to get thingies out of the pan once they’re ready and oh god isn’t it just easier to cook things in the oven? I think they’d be very delicious served next to a gorgeous vegan burger. I’m currently exploring the perfect vegan burger, making notes here and there to hopefully bring you a blog post with tips on creating one. Perhaps it’ll happen, perhaps it won’t. You never can tell with me. How will you serve …

Chilli Parsnip Breakfast Fries with Maple Syrup

Chilli Parsnip Breakfast Fries with Maple Syrup

I’ve decided that this is another Christmas brunch recipe. I feel as though it would be appropriate at just about any time of year, but parsnips are in season right now and maple syrup on savoury breakfast food is socially acceptable during the festive period, so this fits comfortably into the Christmas category. If you’re not a fan of spice, you needn’t add any. The parsnips (particularly organic ones) are bursting with lovely flavour as it is, so you won’t find them bland. I’m just a particularly big fan of chilli and maple syrup on the same plate. These would be lovely as part of a great big monstrous breakfast (as an alternative to hash browns or potato waffles or whatever bulky breakfast element you might usually serve when you go all out), but I love them with a fried egg on top. If you’re worried about how healthy these are or are not, might I remind you that it’s almost Christmas? The recipe below serves 1, because I tend to be the only person …