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Cheese and Marmite Pasta Cate in the Kitchen

Cheese and Marmite Pasta

I’m back, rather later than I hoped I might be, with another recipe that I’ve been talking about no end on social media without telling you how to make it in your own kitchen. Perhaps a pattern is developing and this is how things will be for a little while (see: dill and sweet potato cake). This is based on Nigella Lawson’s Marmite Spaghetti, but – and I really never thought I’d get the opportunity to say this about a recipe of hers – I’ve actually taken it further in its likeliness to give you a heart attack. Also, it’s quite a bit Marmitier, because I go in hard on Marmite. Since I started working evenings; breakfast, lunch and dinner have lost their solid place in my day. Sometimes I’ll eat 1 meal, sometimes 4, sometimes my day will just be a series of snacks and confusion and too much coffee. When I wake up on the wrong side of 10am, I tend to (when I say tend to, I’m referring only to the last …